Mentawai experience travel Indonesia itinerary

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

Mentawai experience travel Guide

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Day 1: Padang - Siberut

The journey start at 07:00 am from padang city bay by mentawai fast ferry . when we arrived in mailepet port 1.30 pm take the motor canoe to cross scenic jungle river before trekking to mentawai clan house, arrived at mentawai clan house take rest and lunch. Then doing activities with the mentawai shaman in the jungle at 05:00 pm back to the “uma” and dinner.

Day 2 daily activities and mentawai tribe

After breakfast, 10:00 pm preparing do mentawai daily activities in the jungle, kind of that activities In the form of daily life about their culture, traditions in the jungle, like how to processing sago as mentawai primer food, finding some materials in the jungle with shaman then processing become mentawai traditional posion for hunting. At 05:00 pm Back to the “uma” take rest and dinner.

Day 3

Breakfast and preparation to see women looking for fish

Sikerei activities

The sikerei activity makes loincloth from bark

Lunch and see sikerei activities to make gift bracelets from the forest for you

Day 4 until day 5 in masilok island

after breakfast wE do short trek to the river take the boat go back tO Siberut go tO explore masilok island to relax enjoy the beautiful island go fishing do anoter activities in the island

Day 6 after breakfast

heading back to siberut In the morning wE take boat up us then we straight away to muntai village for transit, take a rest and lunch. After lunch we will go to harbor catch the ferry and come back to Padang


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