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Mentawai people take care of our outward appearance; We wear necklaces and put wild flowers in our hair, sharpen our teeth with chisels for the purpose of making women more beautiful and famous and the tattoos have different surgical motifs. Tattoos are not just tattoos. These have meaning. Tattoos are an identity for the Mentawai tribe and tattoos are gifts. which will be brought to deat after this life

Go back in time to find the Mentawai tribe! While living in the community, you get the opportunity to explore our unique way of life, live in traditional "Uma" houses and join us on hunting adventures in the jungle. Absolutely (amazing experience)

The Mentawai people is one of the oldest tribes in Indonesia. we are natives of the Mentawai Islands, in the province of West Sumatra. and we lead a semi-nomadic hunter-gatherer lifestyle in the coastal and rainforest ecosystems of the islands. Although the distance between the mainland and the Mentawai Islands is insignificant, the island is isolated and nature still governs our daily lives. The Mentawai had very little contact with the outside world of forest-dwelling people and remained one of the 'purest' indigenous peoples in Indonesia well into the 19th and 20th centuries. we have our own animist belief called Sabulungan, where we believe everything has a spirit and a soul. If the spirits are not cared for, we may be haunted and bring bad luck, including illness)

I always try to organize these trips and on any of your trips to Indonesia don't miss the opportunity to visit the island of Siberut, across the coast of Sumatra. Spending a few days in the jungle with the Mentawai tribe, seemed like an amazing experience, and really challenging)

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