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Mentawai Travel Guide

The satisfied tribes in Indonesia are still preserving the ancestral tradition, and disagree with the age. For the Mentawai tribe, how to make yourself beautiful not with make-up, but with dental chips as we know, Indonesia is rich in diversity of ethnicity, custom and culture, not except in West Sumatra. Seeing the diversity of tribes, in West Sumatra there is an ancient tribe who accommodates the Mentawai Islands known as the Mentawai tribe. The Mentawai tribe is an interior tribe that inhabitant of Mentawai Island, and still retains their ancestors. Instead of Mentawai tribes are relatively reluctant to join modern culture. Therefore, there are many studies that make Mentawai tribes as research materials, with the aim of understanding how lifestyle and patterns of interaction of tribes in Indonesia are westerned. Because, until now, the Mentawai tribe is still a mystery. Many researchers say they are from the ancient Malay race, but some say they are from the Polynesia race. Although the origin is not sure, the Mentawai tribe is known as an inequal tribe in Indonesia, which has inhaled the country since 500 BC. Uniquely, different from other ancient tribes in Indonesia, the Mentawai tribe is a tribe that has its own religion and belief. Mentawai tribal beliefs are known as a slama. Trust on all things that have spirit and soul. They believe, compilation of the spirit can not be resolved well, then this spirit will roam and cause bad luck, and cause the outbreak of disease. Not only that, the Mentawai Tribe also has the biggest tattoo. They deliberately decorate the body with tattoos that are tailored to the social status or profession of the person. Such as tribal chief tattoos, forest guard tattoos, hunter tattoos and others. For them, tattoos are a symbol of natural balance and beauty.

Another uniqueness of the Mentawai Tribe the women here deliberately sharpen their teeth with traditional tools typical of the Mentawai Tribe. This unique tradition is one of the efforts made by women to beautify themselves.

According to the Mentawai Tribe, it was agreed that there was a girl who had grown up and wanted to be beautiful, so it was agreed to have teeth called Tooth Kerik. This tradition struggles as an introduction to the souls of Mentawai girls towards peace, and is interpreted as a symbol of the struggle in finding the identity of the Mentawai tribe as a woman have tottos as well stepped up and went to meet the tribes on siberut

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