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Updated: Dec 13, 2022

Hello My Name is (oncy oni) I'm just a child from a tribe who is lucky to explore the world. Please don't discriminate against people who live in the tribe all the over world

why should you must join witht me beacus I am child from seikerei and i was born in siberut forest so that will a lot the amazing experience you get

we invite you to join with us to make extraordinary Experience

i am working in this tour. with my Family we have Great experience to organizer trip this journey visit to live in the forest with the Mentawai natives to learn about our culture, traditions and way of life in the forest. Mentawai culture and jungle trekking are very unique programs that culture and nature. The Mentawai tradition is also known as religion Arat Sabulungan”. The philosophy we have maintained for centuries from our ancestors and made mentawai is truly in accordance with our nature (forest), and they all have connections with their spirits and souls. For the Mentawai people, we believe that forests have always been a place where everything from plants, rocks, animals, rivers from the treetops, they have souls and act like humans.

Mentawai Tourism was founded by my company which has been very well obtained and succeeded in industrial travel. My experienced and friendly staff has my mission to show you the right Mentawai for you to get new experience I am very happy that I organize your trip in Mentawai is honest, safe and friendly. I offer things that can be done in the Mentawai Islands we can do trip visit tribe and visit beautiful island. Email :

WhatsApp : +6281374600582

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