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mentawai experience travel 2020

the journey starts from the city of Padang via Mentawai fast boat we made a 12 day trip we visited the forest not the village must be distinguished on the village and uma or the house in

the forest was different we first visited uma batobay to two uma in buttui to three uma in attabai in attabai the hardest to visit for walking time from buttui to attabai 6 hours or 7 hours

depending on how fast we walk from batobay to attabai 8 hours walk to attabai if you are interested in visiting the Mentawai tribe you can find your experience as long as you don't will

never forget to meet sikerei or shaman in the mentawai tribe that is a gift from your journey to live with them in uma not only live with you will also be spoiled in the wild and every day

you will be invited to go to the forest to make activities with shamans

but I recommend a normal trip 5 days and 4 nights for a visit that is enough but for photography or making documentry I suggest it should be a little long because you have to see the weather as well for taking pictures or videos

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