MENTAWAI Shaman indigenous tribes

merci beaucoup pour ce voyage et nous reviendrons à cette forêt aloita mentawai et à la recherche d'expérience nouveau à nouveau. 🇫🇷

muchas gracias por este viaje y volveremos a este bosque de aloita mentawai y buscaremos nuevas experiencias nuevamente.🇪🇸

A great experience on your journey to stay in the forest with native Mentawai people to learn about our culture, traditions and way of life in the forest. Mentawai culture and trekking in the forest are very unique programs that involve unique culture and nature. The Mentawai tradition is also known as the "Arat Sabulungan" religious belief. The philosophy that we have defended for centuries from our ancestors and made tangible threads

everyone must respect the forest, and people always have a relationship with their spirit and soul. For the Mentawai people, they believe that the forest has always been a place where everything from plants, rocks, animals, rivers like treetops, they have souls and act like humans. And inseparable forests and humans will always coexist and respect one another

Arat Sabulungan is not only a belief, but Arat Sabulungan is a way of life. Arat Sabulungan is a view of life where there are norms of rules that govern all aspects of not only humans and humans but humans and nature and creators of Sabatungan arat such as unwritten books that teach humans to define the meaning of life

The Mentawai tribe tour was founded by me working with my family, I have got very good and experienced partners in the travel industry. I am experienced and I already have a certificate

and I have a mission to show you the natural beauty and Mentawai culture that is right for you. I am very happy that your trip in Mentawai is honest, safe and friendly. I offer amazing things you can do in the Mentawai Islands and services like small family tours making photographers make documentaries or group tours

Please feel free to contact me about information the tours, and i will contacts you very soon here WhatsApp +6281374600582


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