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Mentawai Experience

Updated: Jul 9, 2022

the deepest life to Enjoy all the things what you can do this is the way our natives only enjoy what is in the wild there are rivers there are Forests and everything humans need in them outsiders may be uncomfortable but for us indigenous people are all in in it and that's what it means that all aspects must be respected and appreciated and guarded that's why there are humans who have to do it myself and I always learn with anything

This tribe is located on the island of Siberut, West Sumatra province where for the first time here you can take a ferry from the port of Muarah Padang to Sakabulan 3 hours from Sakabaluan to South Siberut Island, one and a half hours from the port. You can take an ojek and ride to a small village depending on the guide. you and most importantly don't choose the wrong guide, see also the background and that's important because you are going to the forest

All in all, I think there is no debate, let culture and forests always exist and do not need to be disturbed and that is the only way for the good for everyone. Apart from being an archipelagic area, the Mentawai Islands Regency, West Sumatra also has a fairly wide forest potential spread across several islands. large, namely Siberut, Sipora, and Pagai

The existence of the forest itself has an important meaning for the Mentawai indigenous people. As a traditional society, the relationship between forests and humans cannot be separated.

For us Mentawai people, forests are the source of life. It contains various kinds of wealth that are able to meet our needs so that they can survive since time immemorial

All needs for clothing, food, and shelter are provided by nature so that the community has an interest in maintaining the existence of the forest so that it can continue to be sustainable

The existence of the forest is also closely related to culture. People's interactions with nature slowly begin to form habits in everyday life

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