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Mentawaiexperience tour tribe jungle

Mentawaiexperience is a tribe that settled in the Mentawai Islands, Siberut, West Sumatra. Although modern traditions are currently weakening traditional civilizations, the Mentawai Tribe still retain their traditions that have existed since their ancestors. Some traditions and rituals look terrible and painful, such as the tradition of Kerik Gigi for women in the Mentawai tribe. Here are some unique traditions of the Mentawai tribe. The Mentawai tribe has a tattoo tradition that is considered the oldest tattoo in the world. The art of painting on the skin of tattoos alias in this tribe has existed since his arrival on the West Coast of Sumatra, namely in 1500 BC – 500 BC or in the Metal Age, while many assume that tattoos originated from Egyptian civilization, namely in 1300 BC. Tattoos for the Mentawai people have a meaning of balance. Therefore, objects such as stones, animals and plants must be enshrined in their bodies. Unlike in general where tattoos can be completed in a short time, tattoos in the Mentawai Tribe have 3 stages. The first stage will be done at the age of 11-12 years at the base of the arm. Then proceed with the second stage at the age of 18-19 years on the thigh and finally when someone is considered an adult. The tattoo process is carried out by a sipatiti or tattoo artist in the Mentawai Tribe. Sipatiti will draw a sketch of a tattoo with a stick, then the sketch will be colored. Like an ordinary tattoo, ink will be put into the skin. this is different, ink inclusion in the skin in this tribe uses a small needle that is mounted on a small wood. A small needle that has been dyed from a mixture of water and coconut shell charcoal is then beaten through a small wooden tool so that the needle can enter the skin but does not penetrate the meat. This tradition is indeed painful and not infrequently causes the effects of fever for those who are tattooed. For the Mentawai people, tattoos symbolize the spirit of life, for that the tattoo for hunters is different from the others. Tattoos of hunters will be known by drawing animals such as deer, monkeys, birds or pigs. While tattoos for sikerei (Mentawai shamans) will be displayed on their bodies, their motives come from nature for the balance of life and tattoos of the Mentawai people want to know more about Indonesia. For 6 days 5 night 5 days 4 nights you will feel at home with the people of Mentawai

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