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Updated: Apr 11, 2021

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5 days / 4 nights Tuesday / Saturday Day 1: Padang – siberut – muntei village The journey will start from Padang wE must be at port 06:30 ferry leave at 07: 00 with local fast mentawai, our trip will take around 5 hours including 1 hour transit at Sikabaluan nort Siberut when arriving at south Siberut port we will go to muntei village, rest. And prepare goods to be taken to the forest at 4.10 pm. we ride a small boat on the river and it’s time to go we leave the  (muntei village) time to meet tribes You will be spoiled by the beauty of the wild...nature Day 2 Mentawaiexperience   in the forest with the Mentawai clan House or Uma During these days we will stay in the Mentawai long hous in the forest for daily activities to find out the culture, traditions and how they live in the forest. The activity that we do is mentawai local activities with the shamans and also family members in the forest and must remember you must respect the life in the forest who life there Day 3 until day 4 Mentawaiexperience  move to another clan next Wake up in the morning, after breakfast and prepare our belongings, at 08:00 or 08:30 we will travel to the next Walk clan 4 hours or 5 hours depending on how fast you walk tO Uma take a lunch break and prepare for further more activities . Go to the forest with a shaman with the grup and do local mentawai activities. Return to uma, make a traditional Mentawai bracelet and at 19:00 prepare to eat night. In the evening there is free activities Day 5 return to siberut – padang We will make a short trip to the river and take a boat, then we go straight to the village of muntai for transit, rest and lunch. After lunch we will go to the harbor to take the ferry and return to Padang thank you so much For the trip see you again next trip... 4 days / 3 nights Saturday / Tuesday Day 1: Padang – Siberut The journey wE starts must be in the port at 06:30 the ferry leave at 07:00 in the morning from the city of Padang with Mentawai fast boat when we arrived at the siberut harbor at arrived in south of Siberut then go tO take permit at 1.30 in the afternoon around 3:30 wE took a canoe to cross the beautiful forest river before walking to the house of the Mentawai clan, arriving at the Mentawai clan house resting and having lunch. Then do the activities with the mentawai shaman in the forest and back to “uma” and have dinner no activities just sharing the stories and relaxing at night Day 2 Mentawaiexperience 

 daily activities and mentawai tribes After breakfast, prepare for daily activities in the Mentawai forest, these activities take the form of daily life about their culture, traditions in the forest, such as how to process sago as Mentawai’s main food, look for some material in the forest with a shaman and then process it into a traditional Mentawai position to kill wild animals Day 3 Mentawaiexperience 

move to the next clan Wake up in the morning, after breakfast and prepare our belongings, at 08:30 we will travel to the next Walk clan 4 hours or 5 hours depending on how fast you walk (uma), take a lunch break and prepare for further activities . Go to the forest with a shaman with the group and do local mentawai activities. Back to uma, make a Mentawai traditional bracelet and at 19.00 prepare for dinner. At night no activities just sharing the stories about culture and relaxing and time to rest and have a good night

day 4 mentawaiexperience

after breakfast, participants will return to siberut with the return canoe. Lunch at siberut. And back to Padang by boat and the tour tour is finished, thank you until we meet again

The Package Included 

: 1. Meals B = Breakfast, L = Lunch and D = Dinner Activity 2. tiket mentawai fast go and back 4. Transfer Return Siberut – Village through river by Canoe 5. Accomodation in the jungle at the local house 6. Licensed English & Mentawai Speaking Guide entry permit from the police ​ The

Package Not Included : 1. Personal Expenses 2. The Expenses of Out the Programe 3. Accomodation and Meals in Padang 3. Personal Insurance 4. The cost caused by delays or cancellation of Ferry

Boat Schedule Fast Boat (MV. Mentawai Fast) Tuesday Padang -> Sikabaluan -> Siberut 7:00 AM Siberut -> Padang 15:00 PM Thursday Padang -> Siberut07:00 AM Siberut -> sakabaluan 12:00 AM Padang 15:00 PM Saturday Padang -> Sikabaluan -> Siberut07:00 AM Siberut -> Padang15:00 PM 

The Mentawai Future: Religions

All Indonesians are required to profess one of the state-supported religions: Islam, Christianity, Hinduism and Buddhism. The government of Indonesia views Jarayak, traditional Mentawai animism, as a primitive belief of ignorant tribal people. Although many Mentawai still practice Jarayak, most shamans will say they are Christian, to avoid the possibility of violence against them and their families.

Though Islam arrived in Indonesia a decade after the Christian missionaries, it may soon surpass Christianity in total number of converts; church-run schools begin influencing children early. Islam promises youngsters the "best" education for “free,” as well as great opportunities for the brightest pupils to continue their studies on the mainland. The price is that they must live in Muslim communities and strictly adhere to Muslim beliefs.

Both Christian and Muslim beliefs are devastating to the traditional Mentawai way of life. Pigs are pivotal in Mentawai culture, central to every major ritual and a primary source of protein. Conversion to Islam means eating no pork. Both religions consider all rituals and ceremonies to be abominations. This religious conflict tears clans apart and prevents family members of other faiths from attending important Jarayak ceremonies, such as weddings. Throughout history, religion, when used as a weapon of assimilation and oppression, has effectively exterminated countless peoples and cultures. If this continues, the same will be true of the Mentawai

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