March 29, 2018


  mentawai experience Take a trip into the wild & immerse yourself in ancestral practices and traditions. Discover heavy spiritual semi-nomadic hunter-gatherer people who have chose to continue living their traditional tribal lifestyle. Culture The Mentawai lifestyle should be of interest to almost every society for it contains elements of hunter-gatherer, animal husbandry and subsistence level settled farming traditions; all of these forms of existence are at the roots of every contemporary scociety.

       However traditional Mentawai communities can not be reduced only to a lens on the yesterday of our modern technological societies, they are also an example a sophisticated socialization that balances subsistence with a unique pattern of family well being, in essence a window on a potential tomorrow. Dr Philip Cook, University of Victoria, BC. Canada If you can move beyond the perception of the Mentawai as only «primitive», then you ma...

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February 10, 2020

January 26, 2020

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